Your retirement plan is getting a facelift.

A recent Willis Towers Watson survey found employers are making retirement account changes, including boosting employer contributions and adding Roth 401(k) options...full article


How HSA's are reshaping retirement

“I’ve found that millennials are very savings-minded, they see HSAs as a medical 529 plan. I tell them to make the investments automatic and don’t use the plan as a trading vehicle. Set it and forget it.” - Vicki Fillet Konrad ...full article


Estate Planning: Leaving a Home to Heirs While You’re Still Alive

“Even when your kids aren’t expecting anything to be left to them, I have seen many family controversies that have erupted over what to do with a house,” said Victoria Fillet Konrad, a founder of Blueprint Financial Planning in Hoboken, N.J....full article

Advisers underwhelmed by LinkedIn's matching tool

Financial advisers award LinkedIn's Pro-Finder service a poor grade so far in terms of helping them identify worthy prospects who have become clients. But they're not giving up hope on the business development tool...full article


Americans are more optimistic about their odds of digging out of debt — but many may be wearing rose-colored glasses...full article


How Do I Make My Savings Last in Retirement?

Victoria Fillet of Blueprint Financial Planning explains how dividing your money up into three imaginary baskets can help make your money last in retirement...full article

One way out of a student debt crisis.

Forty-three million people in the US owe some amount of student loans, according to the Center for American Progress...full article

Three financial advisers talk about equity markets, robo advisers, housing and more.

The bull grew weary this year. Stock prices have had a tumultuous run (the S&P 500 is down 2.3% through Dec. 11) as China’s slowing growth sent shudders...full article 

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Student loan debt could destroy your retirement

People saving for retirement (those ages 55 to 64), and retirees (ages 65 to 74) are carrying unprecedented amounts of student loan debt, according to a new LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute study...full article

Buying a home? Don't make these costly mistakes

The housing market is still going strong and millennials are a big factor...full article

Advisers say this part of Hillary Clinton's estate-tax plan is worse than the higher rate.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took another stab at the nation's wealthiest Americans on Thursday, endorsing an increase in the top estate-tax rate...

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